How To Welcome All Your Feelings

Let Your Feelings Be Flowing Through You

Consider a negative emotion that you have experienced? Was it sadness, anger or fear, or something other than that? What was your first reaction to react when you first noticed the emotion? Refuse it, ignore it , or push it away? Unfortunately, this is how many people respond when uncomfortable emotions come up. As children we are taught that certain emotions are positive and some are not good. There is no things as bad or good emotions. Every emotion serves a function and serve as messengers, warning us of things that require our attention.
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Here’s a great idea When we are confronted with negative emotions, we should try to accept themand not resent them. We’ve been taught throughout our life to avoid these emotions due to their unpleasant nature. The trick is to let emotions to flow through us and be integrated into our real essence of being whole. It may be surprising to discover that the universe utilizes our painful emotions for our highest good. It’s about integration, not division. If we try to avoid painful emotions and feelings, we create a barrier. The result is that our emotions becoming stronger as they seek to be recognized and expressed by us. So, it is important to be able to let go of defining emotions as either good or bad. A negative emotion could be a great teaching tool but a positive one could be harmful to us when we are stuck in it. It is important to allow our emotions be a part of us as the water flowing through a river.

There’s Only One Way To Be Happy

To further illustrate this concept: we free ourselves from the shackles of our past by allowing our emotions to flow without trying to influence or control the way they feel. Read that passage over and over until you understand the meaning behind it, as it’s worth noting. Our task isn’t to manage, resist, or control painful emotions, instead, to let them flow through us. It is about accepting all that we encounter and in integrating it into our lives. When we do this it means that we no longer are separated from our emotions and create an environment within the emotions. This space I refer to is the state of pure awareness, where we can discover who we are. It is about not putting your emotions down, not even the most painful ones. This is why it is important to welcome them be with them, feel them then let them pass as naturally as they are.

It is the nature of consciousness that it is open the human experience of all. Awareness is not able to distinguish between a negative and a positive emotion. Thus, being aware of painful emotions helps us to avoid getting caught in them. Acceptance and acceptance becomes our main goal instead of avoiding resistance. Are you willing to practice? Are you able to stop repressing your negative feelings and allow them to flow and disappear? This requires you to observe your emotions with an open heart and mind and observing any impulses or intuitions that come up. It is not necessary to affirm our experiences since awareness’s real nature is to accept all things, as it is all-encompassing. The ego is the source of resistance and awareness is agnostic to all which is due to the fact that consciousness utilizes difficult emotions to serve your highest benefit. For illustration, let us use an analogy: A tree doesn’t refuse to endure hail, rain or strong winds, even though they could cause damage to it. It is tolerant of everything.

To further expand this notion There is only one source of happiness that isn’t dependent on external circumstances. For instance, we can’t feel one type of happiness when we’re with our loved ones or get a raise at work. Also, happiness isn’t a matter of subjectiveness to the way we experience it in various settings. Happiness is a result of integration acceptance, acceptance, non-resistance, and accepting. Happiness is the result of letting go of things that hinder us from of recognizing our true nature, which is rooted by love. So, if we wish to live a life of happiness it is essential to surrender to the moment and let life flow throughout our lives. It’s not going to be simple, but with practice and perseverance, we’ll not be enslaved by negative thoughts and feelings.

This is the true state of freedom , as we cease to resist uncomfortable emotions and allow them to flow through us. Resistance is caused by our attempts to manage or control our uncomfortable emotions. However, this doesn’t serve us in any way other than to create emotional pain and layers of judgment. I’m asking you to release judgment and enter the awareness of who you are truly who you are. There is nothing to buy in this way of living. There is no annual or subscription cost, aside from surrendering to the things that are. It is about saying “yes” to everything that happens even if you don’t discern the purpose or meaning of your suffering. Acceptance and acceptance open the way to understanding, because we are able to fully comprehend the things we see. It is essential to be completely familiar with our experiences to fully be able to appreciate it.

The Art Of Being Warm and Embracing Your Feelings

Are you ready to try this? I’m sure you’re scared or curious about how it is working in real life. The only way to get there is to accept it gradually and observe what you feel. For instance, the next time you feel anger toward your spouse or a family member Instead of repressing the anger, embrace it. Accept the anger and let it flow through you to communicate the significance of it.

If you feel comfortable with this, I would like to invite you to try the exercise for 7-14 days or for as long as you would like. If you experience a painful emotion, simply affirm your self: “I accept” or “I consent.” Feel a sense of peace and expansiveness that arises within your. The practice of accepting and accepting our feelings can have an air of lightness while resistance is dark and heavy. The more you are able to accept your hurtful feelings and accepting them, the more layers of conditioning you eliminate and become an effective healing agent for the soul. In the end, if we wish to free ourselves from negative emotions, we need to accept them and break down any resistance that surrounds them. The difficult emotions aren’t the reason for our suffering and pain. Our resistance to them that causes more of the same emotions that cause suffering and suffering, which is something we are able to manage.